A Brief History of Wedding Fireworks in Cornwall and Other Places in the UK

July 31st, 2020

When it comes to wedding fireworks, perhaps, no other races can claim as much admiration as the Britons possess.

While the science of pyrotechnics was historically invented in China, the process of manufacturing and application of fireworks quickly became commonplace in Europe, finally reaching the distant shores of England.

Long before commercial players like the Celebration Pyrotechnics started selling wedding fireworks in Cornwall, it made an arguably maiden appearance at the historic wedding of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII in 1486.

The particular event proved to be exceptionally critical for the country as it turned out to be a harbinger of the cessation of the War of the Roses by taking and eventually making way to the long-awaited truce by the grand union of the two houses of England that were at war, namely, the House of Lancaster and the House of York.


Another historical reference of fireworks worth mentioning is the wedding ceremony of Elizabeth Stuart, the grandchild of Mary and the eldest child of James VI, who was also known by the name Winter Queen.

She was married to Frederick V on the eve of Valentine’s Day in 1613 at the Whitehall Palace and three days prior to the wedding, an unapologetically pompous display of pyrotechnics took place over the Thames, which alone is believed to have cost the royal exchequer a whopping £8,000, i.e., as much as 8% of their wedding budget.


Several years before the local industry of wedding fireworks in Cornwall witnessed a phenomenal growth, by that time, pyrotechnics already made a boisterous entry to the wedding of Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII in 1863. It was organised by the queen herself in Home Park as she never experienced any such thing before and was a truly unforgettable sight for the bride.


Pyrotechnics became immensely popular among the British during the regime of Queen Elizabeth I. As a matter of fact, she was so impressed by the sheer exhibition of hypnotically colourful flames that a Fire Master was specifically hired to supervise all the kingly and queenly firework exercises.


Today, fireworks are no longer restricted to the elite and with the continuous strides in manufacturing technology, pyrotechnics have become more affordable for the common people than they used to be even a few years ago.

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